Written by Dani Toth | 14 January 2010

First up Alexandre Bolduc v. John Scott

Hordichuk and Glass's fight is after the jump...

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Written by Dani Toth | 13 January 2010

Wow, the Canucks sucked. Luongo had started the last 17 games straight, maybe 18 was too much? It all started with the weird 1 game road trip in the schedule...

Please enjoy as I recap in pictures, c'mon it will be fuuuun....


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Written by Dani Toth | 13 January 2010

So last night I was at the game, and I had intentions of coming home an writing a fantastic recap....yeah, not so much, but you get some game thoughts instead.

First of all, 7:30 starts to games blow. I can't remember what I did back in the day when Vancouver games started at 7:30, oh right, I was a student so the half hour difference really didn't matter to me then, but they do now. I still can't figure out why both Nashville games in Vancouver started at 7:30 instead of the regular 7pm start...but they did and it sucked.

Here are my game thoughts

  • My section last night was awesome. It was like a Saturday night in GM Place, but on a Monday
  • There was a forward line in front of me. Literally. The 5 people who sat in front of me had the following jerseys all in a row: Kesler, H. Sedin, D. Sedin, Wellwood, Burrows. That was awesomesauce. So was the Rypien jersey two rows in front.
  • The woman to my right, kept yelling shoot every time any player was skating towards the net. It really didn't matter if they were 10 or 20 feet away, this lady wanted to tell them to shoot. Lady: they can't hear you, and you say it times they really shouldn't shoot
  • Drunk guy to my left....you are not fun, no, really, you weren't
  • The police took some people out of my section
  • Ugly sweater night was a FAIL. No one dressed up
  • I have never been to a game where the game was so badly reffed
  • The replays of the penalties were not shown for some of the calls in GM Place, or they were shown a minute into the powerplay
  • Chanting "refs suck!" probably doesn't help with the refs being on your team's side, I'm pretty sure whoever is on the ice already advises them of their displeasure at a call
  • Love the green men, their upside down feet flailing thing may have made my night
  • Shea Weber, I may have hated that shot of yours last night...but damn I'll like it at the Olympics

After Burrows accused Stephane Auger of threatening Burr with revenge on him because of an incident from a previous game, Burrows has been fined $2500. Puck Daddy has been told by someone they know in the league that they consider the "matter closed".

It will be interesting to see how this affects the Canucks in the future, and what other refs think of either the team or of Auger. Will Auger get to ref games in the post season? Maybe that will be a better indication of how the league feels about him. Did I enjoy to read/watch what Burrows said? Definitely, I loved how he spoke his mind. Though, perhaps Burrows should have addressed this with the league behind closed doors, I can't imagine that the league is pleased with him at the moment.

Injury Update: Demitra and RJ
Some encouraging news about Demitra and Johnson: both took part in a full practice today in St. Paul, Minnesota. They won't play tomorrow night, but it does show that they will be ready soon.
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Written by Dani Toth | 12 January 2010


You know the Olympics are getting closer, in fact, it's only 1 month away. Do you feel the city starting to get into it?

You see it right as you get off a plane at YVR, you know all those ads in there at the airport.

You read it on the bus. Instead of saying 99 B-line, or Go Canucks Go, they now also say Countdown to Gold

You see it in the parking restrictions. Ah yes, those.

The Coke ads in the Granville skytrain platform has taught me how to say Open Happiness in french, which is 'ouvre du bonheur' fyi.

And how every single business seems to have sold itself off to somehow promo the Olympics.

All this hype in our city will only increase exponentially in the new few weeks....

But really, if you read this blog, you know the Olympics really only come down to one thing: Olympic Hockey.


So, as if I do not have enough to do writing two hockey blogs, I am contributing to the Olympic Hockey Blog. Do check it out for anything Olympic Hockey, if you are only interested in Canuck related things, I've already written a piece about our German blueliner, Christian Ehrhoff and what he brings to Team Germany.

Thoughts on last nights game that I went to against Nashville and the Burrows accusation to follow later today.

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Written by Dani Toth | 11 January 2010

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Written by Dani Toth | 09 January 2010

The Canucks are currently 1st place in the NW Division and look to hold on to that lead with a game against the Flames tonight. It's on HNIC!

Remember what happened last time these two teams played? There was a crazy red line goal, Kipprusoff was pulled and Mason Raymond got a hat trick!

Tonight, Lukowich will be in for Aaron Rome, who is out because of this:

You gotta feel bad for the guy. There WAS a lot of blood. Then you ask yourself: Where were those hits when Pyatt was on our team?

Life goes on, good things come out of bad events, like with Rome out, Lukowich is in! This will be Lukowich's first regular season game as a Canuck. In addition, even though Sami Salo took part in the game day skate, he will not play. Instead 21 year old Evan Oberg will be in for Sami Salo.

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Written by Dani Toth | 08 January 2010


Ben Kuzma reported yesterday in The Province that Pavol Demitra has started to take one-timer slapshots today in practice. This is the first time he has done so since having his two shoulder surgeries to repair the shoulder injury he sustained in the Vancouver/Chicago playoff series.

Demitra expected that he would be back playing for the Canucks a while ago, but the shoulder did not get better after the first surgery, so the second one was scheduled. Then, it was reported that he wasn't progressing in his recovery, so Demitra went to Slovakia to see a specialist that he used previously and spent two weeks and a bit to work with the medical trainer. He returned back to Vancouver around Christmas to continue his rehab.

Now Demitra is speculated to return to the ice with the Canucks perhaps on January 20th in a game in Edmonton or maybe not until the end of January, the timing will depend on his progress during the next two weeks.

And as we all know, Demitra has also been named to Team Slovakia for the Olympics. Yay for being named to the Olympics, but I'm a little hesitant to encourage Demitra in any way to participate in the Olympics. The Canucks have waited approximately 4 months for their player to be ready to go to play for the team, the team he is being paid to play for. And based on the projected timing of when he will be ready to go, that may come just 2 weeks before the puck drop at the first Olympic game on February 16th (though first game for Slovakia in particular is on February 17th against the Czech Republic).

So Demitra will play two weeks for the Canucks before playing in the Olympics? Seriously? The possibility of Demitra re-injuring himself during the Olympics is too great for me to ignore and the timing of when Demitra's return makes me think that if he chooses to play for Slovakia that his decision is a little reckless. I hope that when he returns to the ice, his health is at 100%, rather than him rushing his recovery and returning to play at less than 100% just because he wants to play in the Olympics. This is a player that we are paying 4 million dollars a season for, and has been injured for more than half this season.

Demitra is 34 years old, so realistically this is the last chance he will have to represent his country at the Olympics, thus I can see the motivation in why he would want to play in this Olympics. But those two weeks off during the Olympics if he were to chose not to participate, could give him enough recovery so could he be ready for the long playoff push when the Canucks resume their monster road trip in March. Although I may not be the biggest fan of Demitra as I think he is overpaid and tends to just fade away when he's not scoring, the team could use a winger like him on the second line. So maybe I'm selfish, but I seriously think that someone in the Canucks organization needs to have a little sit down with Demitra and point out to him who is paying him 4 million dollars to be injured, it's the Canucks, not Team Slovakia.

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