Written by Dani Toth | 28 April 2011


I'm gonna steal a line from my enemy blogger friend Fang Faction who said in their recap: The final score reads “1-0,” but it should probably read “5-0.”

But did it feel more subdued this game? Do you feel like we won the big prize last series and now we're just going backwards?

Maybe a little. But maybe my enthusiasm for this game will pick up as the series goes on.

Thoughts from game 1 after the jump...
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Written by Dani Toth | 28 April 2011

No time to rest as the next round starts tonight for the Canucks. Some thoughts and links to previews/analysis later today, but sometimes the best way to get to know your playoff opponent is to get to know the people that know them the best.


Seth Street and Jake Old from Fang Faction offered to amuse me with answers in record time last night about the Vancouver-Nashville matchup.

Fang Faction is one of the newest additions to Bloguin, and launched really just in time for the playoffs. I'm sure we'll hear from the boys as the series goes on but for now be sure to add @FangFaction on twitter. From the bloggers I know that are Predator fans, they are good people, though they do seems to get a little jumpy every time a Vancouver writer pens a piece about Shea Weber not re-signing* in Nashville.

What is the biggest weakness that Nashville has going into the series?

I think they've had two notable weaknesses from the previous round and late in the season: slow starts and giving up big leads. I still have trouble thinking about that 3-0 against the Red Wings they let slip away late in the season. They also spotted Anaheim two easy goals early in two different games in that series. That has to stop for the Preds to win.

If you had to pick one player from your team that would be easy for other teams to hate on, who would it be?

Either Shane O'Brien or Jordin Tootoo. They play hard and physical (or as other teams would say, dirty) and it seems like fans of every team we play usually have nothing but bad things to say about them. Plus Toots can also rack up points, so it will more than likely make him hated even more.

How much do Nashville fans love Shane O'Brien? Is it considered a success if he doesn't get a penalty in a night?

Nashville fans always have a soft spot for O'Brien in their hearts, mostly because he is so effective at getting under the skin of opposing players (and fans for that matter). It's considered a success if he is physical and probably actually committing penalties that just aren't called. But it is frustrating as hell when he commits some dumb penalty to give the opposing team all the momentum at a critical point in a game.

It seems that Nashville fans are all 'good people', will playing a series against your team make me hate you?

Yes, you will hate us all. Just kidding. I don't think our fans are that bad (not as bad as Detroit fans anyway...but then again, nobody is that bad)...however I probably just think that because I'm a Predators fan.


Well, I'm a Preds fan, so I have to pick the Predators! Though it won’t be an easy series for us. We played well against Vancouver in the regular season, and as long as we keep the Brothers Sedin, Burrows and Ehrhoff in check; I think we can take it in six games. Possibly even five if Pekka Rinne can continue to play his stellar game. We’ll see, like I said it won’t be easy, especially since Luongo finished the regular season as second best goalie, and played brilliantly last night. Hopefully for us he will play sluggish like he did earlier in the series against Chicago.  It will be a fun series regardless!

*Relax he will re-sign otherwise he wouldn't have accepted the captaincy during the summer. Right? right.
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Written by Dani Toth | 28 April 2011

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Written by Dani Toth | 28 April 2011


6pm start tomorrow night in Vancouver, how quick can you rush home to watch? no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 27 April 2011


OMFG it finally happened

Round 2 is Nashville. Bring it no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 18 April 2011

Why hello there little puck...

I don't know if I could have asked for a better playoff road game for the Canucks. As I had said earlier today, this game could have turned out to be the most important game in the series, and it was they who ended the night with the win.

You have to hand it to the Blackhawks for coming out hard in the 1st period. They set a tone for the game that had me thinking that the Canucks wouldn't be winning this game. But the team played well killing off the penalties in the 1st period, namely that 5-3. They ended the period only down 1-0 from a powerplay goal by Duncan Keith.

In the second period is where the Canucks pushed back. They scored two quick goals to take a 2-1 lead before Raffi Torres decided to make a hit to Seabrook's head. I don't know really why people are debating if Torres will get suspended, because really, he should be. I always like to defend my own player, but hits to the head that leave the player out for a few seconds on the ice need to be punished. Torres only got 2 minutes for it at the time, but we'll see if and for how long he gets suspended most likely tomorrow. It's great that Seabrook didn't up get severly injured, but um....IS there a concussion protocol? Because it didn't seem like he got looked at after the initial hit.

When Torres headed to the box, you knew that this was going to be one of those penalties that Vancouver might not kill off. Chicago answered back quickly on the Torres penalty with a powerplay goal by Patrick Sharp.

The Canucks came into the third period tied at two, which was a great spot for them to be in all things considered. Samuelsson took advantage of a Henrik Sedin's rebound and gave the team the winning goal. The Hawks would try to pressure at the end of the period when they pulled Crawford but wasn't able to tie it up.

So now the Canucks are up 3-0, something I don't think anyone forsaw before the start of the playoffs. Luongo's superb performances have been one of the keys to their success as well as the Hawks just aren't as great of a team as they have been in the past two years. no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 17 April 2011


After this series is all done, we may look back on tonight's game as the most important game of the series. For the Canucks, returning to the United Center is their true test in this series. They really need to win at least one of the two road games if they want to have themselves in a good spot in this series. Obviously, it would be optimal to win both, but I don't expect Chicago to just roll over and let the Canucks sweep them.

So if the Canucks win tonight, that puts them up to being 3-0 in the series, and needing just one more game to win. The momentum swings overwhelmingly in their favour. But if the Blackhawks win tonight, it give Chicago all sorts of life and confidence that they didn't have before.

But being at home will have its benefits for the Hawks as Quenneville will be able to try to get away from the Kesler on Toews matchup. The team looked scary at the end of the game in Game 2, so I imagine this game will have the Blackhawks looking much better than they have in the past two games.

Lineup changes
Tonight Samuelsson will return to the lineup after being out with illness allowing AV to switch back to 12 forwards and 6 D (Aaron Rome will be scratched) and Raffi Torres is off his suspension and will likely replace Cody Hodgson.

For the Hawks, Brian Bickell is out with injury and so hulking winger John Scott will be in to replace him. I get the size thing, but he's slow, non? no comments