The Red Line: Say it Ain't So

For weeks I've heard about former players or people 'in the know' in hockey suggesting that the NHL should put back the red line. Their intention for this madness is that they want to make the game safer by slowing the game down; that the speed of players today is too fast for their own well being.



When I think red line, I think terribly slower hockey, and trap hockey. Sure the red line will slow the game down make players have to come up with more creative neutral zone passing instead of just keeping the game a north to south forwards moving game, but  will it lower the injury rate? Because lowering the injury rate is the point of bringing it back, right? Unless you can show me data that having the red line back in the game lowers the injury to player rate significantly, then I don't want to entertain the thought of bringing it back.

Hockey players play this game with the knowing that there is a chance of an injury. It's a collision sport and I think they understand that. If the players can't help themselves from injuring each other at high speeds, then bring on more punishment. Bring on Shanahan suspending more players for a longer term until the players get it that those plays aren't acceptable anymore, but please don't bring the red line back. I am a lover of the fast paced game and goddamn a good two-line pass is just sexy.

Steve Ott

This afternoon's Marek vs. Wyshynski had Steve Ott on as their guest today. One thing about his interview with them that surprised me is that I didn't know how great of an interview he is. He carried on the banter well, answered questions with thought and was really interesting to listen to. I didn't think he was stupid, but I was surprised by how well he came across in the interview.

Hodgson Twice Asked to be Traded (At least)

Maybe I missed this after the aftermath of the Hodgson-Kassian trade since I tried to abstain from reading the 300 stories about it, but in today's The Province, Ed Willies writes that Hodgson asked for be traded at least twice which one time being after Game 7 of the SCF. Curious.