While watching the Lightning-Leafs game the other day I saw this during one of the intermissions on Sun Sports. I didn't get a screen cap of it at the time and now that I go back to my GameCenter, I can't watch the intermission programs anymore. But my problem was solved when I came across The Goalie Guild's post that grabbed a few screen caps of Dustin Tokarski's pads and went the extra mile to get a bit more of the back story on it.

Let's start out with a look at the pads (both screen caps are from The Goalie Guild):


Look closely at the name stitched onto the pads...



Yep, those are Dustin Tokarski's pads with Luongo's name stitched onto them.

So the story that Sun Sports was trying to explain (that didn't go into great detail as to why Luongo's name was stitched on there) was something to do with Tokarski's original pads not being suitable for the NHL when he got the callup from the AHL (maybe something to do with the sizing) and so Reebok sent him a pair of pads for him to use.

These turned out to be a pair of Luongo's returned pads. In the post by The Goalie Guild, Justin Goldman gets in touch with Mike Mole, an equipment rep from Reebok who clarified the story a bit more. From the interview, the pads were originally made for Luongo to try out at a goalie summit that Reebok conducted and these ended up going back to Reebok after the summit. Tokarski tried them out and felt comfortable in them enough to keep playing in them for the last few games while up with the Lightning. With the signing of goaltender Sebastien Caron, Tokarski might be heading back to Norfolk so who know how long these will stick around, but neat story anyways.

To bad these pads didn't give Tokarski magical powers since he's been like a sieve during the last few games. Could that have anything to do with Luongo's name stiched on there?

To read the full exchange head over to The Goalie Guild to read Goldman's post, great job by him on contacting Mike Mole for more clarification on the backstory.