If you spent any amount of time on twitter today, then at some point you read tweets about why it's not a big deal that Schneider is starting tomorrow, why Luongo is a pussy (literally and figuratively) for not starting tomorrow and why as a whole Vancouver/Boston both suck as cities or fans. Maybe you also read a multitude of reasons why Brad Marchand is 'faking' sickness.

This is why I love twitter.

The combination of hockey and twitter seem to work just so well together. I rarely use my twitter for much else than talking about hockey or occasionally tweeting links to things I've written, but it's combo just works so well.

With tomorrow morning (thanks CBC for not picking this up on your regular schedule!) game tomorrow, last season's trash talking rivalries have been reborn. Though, today has been filled with @ArtemChubarov retweeting a multitude of people that make me wonder how people can be so moronic. No really, how can you be that unoriginal and dumb? Did you just make the 10 billionth joke about Luongo+tire pump+vagina? How novel! Moms should have eased off the drinking in your early life perhaps.

But for a good post that intends to troll the fanbase, check out Greg from Days of Y'Orr's post for embrace the hate. Be offended, then realize that about 70% is true and embrace the hate. When he trolled the Tampa fanbase I was more offended because the boys made more of the shit up, but this one is mostly truth. The only thing I couldn't get is why so many Americans seem to spell Kesler with two ss's. Wasn't he on Team USA? It's Kelser, not Kessler. If it makes you feel better he is doing it for money to be donated to his favorite charity if he wins the best guest troll blogger contest.

As for all the Schneider v. Luongo talk. This overblown. Like Laviolette said about starting Bobs over Bryz, he went with the goalie who gives him the best chance of winning. I don't think this is because Luongo said he did not want to play, nor do I think he should be able to demand he wants to play if AV doesn't want him to.

For whatever reason, AV thinks Schneider is the guy for tomorrow. Maybe he is being truthful and it's because Schneider is in his hometown, or maybe it's because he wants to protect Luongo, or it's an afternoon game and Luongo is a creature of habit, or maybe it's because he just had a feeling it should be Schneider tomorrow, it's doesn't matter what the reason is, the outcome will be that Schneider is starting. You could argue the for and against for an hour and get no where since in the end we're not the coach.

So tomorrow morning, I'll be grabbing myself a giant breakfast and spend my morning watching some Canucks hockey.

Perfect January morning, no?

Maybe a win by Schneider would make it better, but no pressure there Schneider.