Via Aaron Portzline this afternoon, it is believed that Rick Nash has Vancouver as one of his team's on his list that he would waive his no trade clause for. The others are Boston, LA, New York Rangers, San Jose and Toronto.

Vancouver being on his list is not unexpected, but I wouldn't suggest you read that much into this putting us really in the running for him. We're on the list because we're a competitive team that Nash wouldn't mind being traded to. That's really all there is to it at this stage in the game. A similar argument could be made for the other teams on his projected list, or if not currently competitive they are a major market team that has the potential to be competitive.

So relax, his giant ass contract most likely has scared away Gillis from a potential trade that would ruin the team chemistry made this far into the season. But at the same time you have to expect that Gillis will look into what Howson wants for him. Doesn't mean that the Canucks would have to trade for him but Gillis still has to do his due diligence in looking into what it would cost to get such a potentially great winger. He would be foolish to not. Though it would seem very out of character for Gillis to make this large of a trade at the trade deadline. This seems more like a trade that GMMG would make in the off season if the Canucks royally screw up in the playoffs.