Hodgson was never the answer to our 3rd line center question but it still hurts to see him traded away.

I've been waffling on whether I like or dislike this trade. Sometimes it's easy to feel one way or the other, but with this one I just don't know. Obviously during the past two seasons I've come to love the little Liev Schreiber look-alike. I've adopted his nickname Coho and even when saying his last name, finally made myself say 'Hod-son'. And now he's gone.

Our prized little 3rd line center, is now a Buffalo Sabre? Like a slap in the face that trade was.

I was stunned by the trade. Stunned. I had prepared myself that it might be Hodgson for Ott, but not this Kassian fellow that is coming our way.

Who is Zack Kassian? I'm not even sure how to pronounce his last name yet.

He has been called the Sabres version of Milan Lucic. He's supposed to be a big, tough power forward that is supposed to give the Canucks the grit that we lacked during the SCF last year. From what I've read of him he might be what the Canucks are looking for in like a year, but is he NHL ready? I've asked a Sabres blogger that question and I'll post their take on it tomorrow, but right now that is the question I am asking of this trade.

What went wrong last year is due to not one factor but a culmination of many. The two factors to me that were our biggest issues were the lack of secondary scoring and our injured defence. Injuries on defence are hard to predict and so far, Sami Salo is still in one piece. But the move in trading away Hodgson seems so backwards to me right now. Hodgson has scored some goals in recent months when the top two lines haven't been able to do that. His play on the 2nd PP unit has made that unit much more effective than in previous months. And I've really just grown to like the little one.

But back to that issue of secondary scoring: What will happen when the Sedins and Kesler can't score? I just don't feel confident that trading him away was the right move now. I feel that this trade or a trade like it would have happened eventually since there are only so many 1st and 2nd line center positions to go around in Vancouver and Henrik or Kesler isn't going anywhere fast, but is Kassian the best option for the team now?

Here is what Gillis says about him:

”There’s not much not to like,” said Gillis. “He’s 6-4 and 225 and he just turned 21 a month ago. He put up almost a point a game numbers in the American League, so for a player who is that physical who can do that, it’s a rare opportunity that you get the chance to get a player like that.”

Let me emphasize that the point a game numbers is in the AHL.

Ok. I'll stop with the venting. There's a reason why I'm not a GM and only a blogger. What's done is done and there's no sense in bitching for the rest of the season about this trade. I haven't even seen Kassian play yet, so like the leeway we gave Hodgson, I'll try to do the same for Kassian. But right now, I'm still a little stunned from this trade.