There are a lot of blogs out there that will break down every aspect of this series in grating detail, this blog is not one of them.

But since I have read at least 12 of the 56,902 articles that have been written in the last 3 days leading up to tomorrow's start of the Canucks-Kings series. And like I'm sure you have found, that the majority are all exactly the same thing. To cut down on you wasting time reading previews, here are four of my favorites:

1. Puck Daddy's series preview which for some reason involves zombies.
Even more surprising for the Kings zombie they zombiefied Drew Doughty instead of just posting a photo of Anze Kopitar:


2. The LA Kings Insider series preview focuses on three aspects: Quick v. Luongo, Carter v. Sedin and Power Play v. Penalty Kill

3. The most comprehensive preview I have read so far is Thomas Drance's in Canucks Army. After reading this epic if you still think you need more prep to the series, I don't think anyone can help you.

4. And the most creative one so far is Sterling Archer Reviews the LA Kings. Yankee Canucks may have just won the internet with that post today.

So there you go. You are caught up on everything you need to know about this series. Now when speaking about the series you can sound confident when you discuss Quick v. Luongo *ahem* and Cory Schneider. You can now discuss the two players returning from injury (Carter and D Sedin) and what possible impact they may have on the series. Best of all throw in some Archer quotes in your water cooler talk but just be prepared for a look of horror or disgust from your coworker who probably isn't as cool as you are since they don't watch Archer.

For an added bonus, say to others that Quick is solid in net and was never in danger of losing his starting position in net to Jonathan Bernier this season which may sound obvious to you looking at his record, but know that saying that statement makes you know more knowledgeable than at least one Canucks fan who was on the radio the other day.