I just came back from spending 10 days in the Midwest. Being two and a half hours south of Chicago, there is, not surprisingly, not a whole lot to do there if you are a tourist. They swap o's for a's when pronouncing words and going to the apple orchard was a high point in the trip (more fun than you can imagine). It really is as flat as I imagine Saskatchewan to look like but man can the food there give you a heart attack (in a good tasty artery clogging way of course).

Often when people found out I was from Vancouver, people would start out by reminding me about the riot we had (*commence automatic eyeroll*) and then begin to ask about our city.  Since it is summer, I would list off all the things I do during the summer, like going to the beach, running the seawall, hiking, summer soccer, beach volleyball (my other half does this), scuba diving, firewords on the beach and of course patio drinks. I would tell them about how we take advantage of the 3 months of sunshine we get per year by being outside as much as possible during the summer. Then they would ask, what do you do the rest of the year? Does it rain during the rest of the year?

Answer: hockey

And it's true. When it starts raining for 9 months straight, I have hockey. Honestly, I don't know what else would get me through the winter/rainy season in Vancouver.

So this morning when Mark Madryga tells me there is rain in the forecast and I am forced to put on shoes instead of flip flops, I am left to conclude: winter is coming.

Seriously, training camp starts this weekend at Rogers Arena and the first game of the season is 21 days away. Break out the Canucks shirts, we're getting close.

*Said in the most Sean Bean as a Stark of Winterfell way possible