Everyone wants to touch a Sedin...

When you consider Alex Sulzer as one of the best players in tonight's game, you know you have a problem. When you can't score in the game, you know you have a problem. When Bieksa is again a -2 and now a -9 on the year, we've got a problem. When you getting shutout to Brian Elliott, we've got a problem

Maybe we can fire an assistant coach?

So Schneider looked better than Luongo of late, but he can't score goals. This no scoring goal thing has been a bit of a problem for the Canucks. It's frustrating to watch the team come out and not look like they care about really doing what it takes to get a win. In last night's game against Edmonton, it wasn't until the last 5, maybe 10 minutes that the Canucks actually showed an interest in winning the game. By then it was too late.

Tonight, the Canucks looked at loose pucks on the ice like it wasn't worth their time.

Thoughts from the last two nights
  • Sulzer, Booth, Ballard and Kesler played well
  • Booth skates really well
  • I've been a Luongo defender, but it really has been hard to defend him lately. Has he ever been this bad in October? What happens if he doesn't have a good November?
  • At what point does AV give Schneider a legitimate shot to be the starter?
  • I can't believe we lots to Elliott, and even worse gave him a shutout
  • I will make allowances for the 2nd line not putting up goals as Kesler tries to find his instincts to shoot and Booth finds chemistry
  • The Sedins need to step it up
  • Hodgson makes some really randomly stupid mistakes with the puck. They haven't hurt him too badly yet, but you can see where players that have more experience than him can take advantage of him
  • Higgins was invisible, and then he was removed from the 2nd line during the 3rd
  • Hansen wasn't that much better
  • This is our 3rd shutout this season
I'm afraid that these games that we should win will hurt us in the long run, but we do have still lots of time to find out game. With the Caps rolling in to town with their perfect record, this city is only going to get more antsy. This is going to be a long couple of days until Saturday.