For the first time ever, I think I just caught myself agreeing with Mike Milbury. I know, I know, how could you ever agree with Mike Milbury?

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this Saturday's Hot Stove (start around the 4:20 mark). It's not really a hot stove topic to me, but thank god they talked about it.

Since all the games during the playoffs were carried by CBC, we haven't seen it for a while, but Sportsnet is back with it again with their advertisements on the glass behind the net. The ad is superimposed on the glass so it doesn't actually affect a ticket holders view but watching it during the Minnesota game today, it is really irritating. The superimposed images are unavoidable to everyone and stand out much more than the rinkboard advertisements. Maybe it's because I haven't gotten used to it, or because it seems to hover across the glass, but it's seems to make me angry watching it.

Milbury didn't like it either. He said he felt like boycotting watching because it bothers him. To which Ron McLean says he understands the purpose and then Eric Francis tries to equate the nets at the rink needing time for people to adjust to as well. Yes Eric, it may have required time to have people adjust to it, but the nets are there to save lives, not make more advertising money. So for the first time since I can remember, I'm agreeing with Milbury in his dislike for the ads.

The Globe and Mail did an article on it earlier this year that is worth a quick read. A lot of people PVR games and skip over the commercial breaks, so there is a loss in exposure for the advertisers. Sometimes for the early games I do this, although for 7pm starts I usually suck it up to watch the commercials since sports doesn't seem right to watch it delayed. I get how it is another avenue for Sportsnet to sell advertisements, but isn't this a bit much?