When I first picked out seeing the Rangers game to see tomorrow night it was because I thought it would be a good game to watch. I loved Torts from his days down in Tampa Bay and to see him coaching again in person would be a treat. Add in a little Henrik Lundqvist and Brad Richards, and the Rangers are almost palatable. Plus I expected the Rangers to be better than they currently are doing in the standings.

I didn't expect the Rangers to be the only pointless team this far into the season, or that Ryan Kelser would make is early return from injury tomorrow, or how tempered my excitement about tomorrow's game is right now. My excitement is mellowed because tomorrow night is night that the Canucks will remember Rick Rypien.

The Jets did it beautifully on their home opener in Winnipeg just over a week ago, and I expect no less from the Canucks. Everyone who is a Canucks fan has a favorite Rick Rypien moment, so tomorrow night will be hard, for a lot of us. I imagine this will be heartbreaking and I cannot say that I knew him at all, just know of his on-ice charisma. I cannot imagine what his family will feel tomorrow.

Last week before the Jets game I spend the morning reading this article on Rypien by Randy Turner of the Winnipeg Free Press. It is a long and tough article to read, but I highly recommend spending the time to. I don't want to quote from it because I feel that you should read it in its entirety because it really is worth spending the time.

Here's to hoping that his short life will amount to something more by allowing us to talk and educate ourselves about depression, and how much it hurts.