Ottawa Game

The Canucks stole that game. After that first period they had no business winning that game and it took some huge saves from Schneider to come out with the win. The first 20 minutes had all the skaters just fighting the puck and it was really uncomfortable to watch. The second period was better since we did get a goal, but still lots of mistakes. The third had a point when the Canucks did pin the Senators in their zone for a long shift which was positive but the Senators also had some great chances on the Canucks. When we went to overtime, I was content in just getting the point. This is what this season has done to me; it has made me happy with getting to overtime to get the point.
  • We all know Kelser's timing has been off and his instincts just not there. Also not there tonight was his faceoffs as he went 7 for 19 which is 37%
  • Booth skated just two shifts in the 3rd period
  • Hodgson continues to be impressive
  • Edler played 27:32 after coming back with a back injury


I have tried to hold back on complaining about Booth, but I think I've hit the tipping point. When he skates he seems to want to take the most difficult path on the ice. A few games ago, I think it was against the Caps,  he was going down the left along the boards and when he should have centered the puck he didn't, then it was too late so he had to carry the puck around the net. Tonight in the game against Ottawa he tried to carry the puck past 3 Senators only to have the puck removed from him easily. He is fast and does have a quick shot but he's not playing well with the team.

While Hodgson continues to work hard and get chances, it makes Booth look even worse on the ice. In tonight's game he was benched for much of the 3rd period by AV which was for good reason. I'm not sure what it is yet about why this isn't working, but it isn't.

Marek vs. Wyshynski

With the end of Kurtenblog radio (and Puck Daddy radio earlier this year), I have been looking for a podcast to fill the void that KB radio left on my ipod. I *think* I may have found it with Marek vs. Wyshynski. It's an hour-long podcast that they do Monday to Friday and after listening to their first week at it, I'm feeling like this could be a good fit for me. If you don't want to listen to a sports radio that is all Canucks...ahem Team 1040, and want a podcast that covers various NHL topics with humour I would encourage you to check it out at Sportsnet.ca

And if you know of a better one that you think I might like, hit me up on twitter or leave a comment.

This makes me like John Garrett a little bit...

Sometimes I'm not sure what to think of John Garrett. He's not the worst of the colour guys in the NHL, but he's also not my favorite either. Sometimes when he gets off on his tangents regarding the Safeway products, I want to bash my head with the remote in my hands. Or maybe it's just that I'm envious of the Sharks fans since they have Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn.

But since I just talked about the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast, you should listen to this Wednesday's edition (November 16th) where they had John Garrett on. On the podcast Garrett gives a great story about back-up goalies eating being snuck hot dogs by the trainers while sitting on the bench and what happens when you get called to go on the ice when you still have the hot dog in your hands. It's a great story.

You can find it here on Puck Daddy if you want to stream it.

Brad May also has a great story on the MvsW podcast

This week has been filled with Vancouver references on the Marek Vs. Wyshynski podcast and a great one comes from Brad May who was on their Thursday show, talking about pranks that happened while he was with the Canucks. It involves a prank pulled on Matt Cooke, so yeah, it's awesome.

You can find it here on Puck Daddy if you want to stream it.