To the delight of my half-season ticket holder buddy, Schneider will be in net instead of Luongo tomorrow night. My buddy is in the group that thinks that Schneider should be given a fair shot at the starting job here in Van, and is always thrilled when Schneider is in net. And since AV is being all coy with what injury he has (so far saying upper body injury), well it sounds like it could be anything.

But since it's been all Rome for Norris or Vote for Rome for the ASG lately, I feel like so much of the rest of the team has been overlooked. I'll admit, we are 3-0 in the Canucks history when Rome scores, so if he wants to keep this up at a point a season pace, I'm all over it. But since I haven't written in a few days, here are a few of my thoughts.

  • The third line with Hodgson, Lapierre and Booth looked great on Sunday night.
  • Much of the positives of that line thought comes from Cody Hodgson himself. He's been one of the most consistent forwards we've had this season and continues to impress me with his game. At the beginning of the season I couldn't get past his (to me) mediocre skating, but the determination he's shown to get to the pucks and the little plays he's made has changed what I think of him.
  • Kesler just looks off. Everything from his speed to the hesitation he makes before he shoots
  • The fact that the second line hasn't been scoring is hurting this team immensely
  • Exploding sticks have been driving me crazy
Heard today that possible fourth line guy Steve Pinizzotto has had season ending surgery for his left shoulder. Rough year for the guy