Record: Canucks (7-7-1) Kings (7-5-3)

Previous games: None

Game time: 7:30pm PST

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While the Canucks have been....

*Not actual photo of them golfing in California, if you want that photo, go to The Province

...enjoying the California sun playing some golf and having the boys keslurk Aaron Rome and ultimately end up dribbling sand on his shoulders...

The Kings have been playing some hockey. They played Monday night against the Sharks in which the Sharks showed them who is boss of the Pacific Division by dominating the 2nd and 3rd period to win the game 4-2.

The Kings then came back against the Predators on Tuesday night winning 4-3. And more importantly, ending the "national nightmare" of the neverending #PennerPoint game.


If you have no idea what I am talking about, then we are clearly not friends on twitter (though we should be) and you have been missing out on a great game to pass the days off.

So now we've got two games up in a back-to-back before heading back home. After that dominating and very satisfying win over the Blackhawks is now at .500 for the roadtrip. Though our powerplay looked good, like 5 powerplay goals in one game good, our 5 on 5 still isn't great. Maybe during the 3 days off AV has had time to work on that. Or perhaps, the return of Aaron Rome will fix all of our miscellaneous problems.

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So the Kings were busy this off season.

For Mike Richards:


They traded away Wayne Simmonds and Brayden Schenn.

Then they signed the oft-injured Simon Gagne


Basically they are Flyers West, with a better goaltender. They may have made some other roster moves, but I'm not going to bother looking them up.

The Kings started off the season strong going 5-1-1 but lately have been alternating between winning a game then alternating with a loss or some sort of OT loss.

It's gotten to the point that bloggers are calling for Murray to be fired. As a city, we know how you feel LA. Our GM even had to go on record to the Vancouver Sun saying that “Alain’s not going anywhere,”.

They also have had some trouble scoring (ranked 22nd) from guys named Anze Kopitar or Jack Johnson. This may be because they employ guys like Dustin Penner on their roster.

But since Luongo will get the start tonight, anything can happen. Really. Penner could get his first goal and I would not be surprised.

After getting three days off bonding and watching shitty movies, the boys needs to get refocused for tonight. The 2nd line still doesn't look as productive as it could be and the team might be without both Salo and Burrows as they are day-to-day.

Go Canucks


Yeah still looks weird to see him in a Kings jersey.