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Record: Canucks (6-7-1) Blackhawks (8-2-3)

Previous games: None

Game time: 4:00pm PST

Obviously this afternoon is a big deal. You know you've had this date circled as game you've wanted to watch once the schedule came out. Games against Chicago are always worth way more than two points.

Coming into this afternoon the Canucks are without two players, Sami Salo and Alex Burrows. Salo is out with a groin and Burrows has a back spasm issue. Aaron Rome is expected to play tonight, in for Salo. To even it out a little on the injury front, Chicago is without their best defencemen in Duncan Keith who has missed 3 games with a hand injury.

Having just watched the last game the Hawks played against Tampa Bay, the Canucks look like they are going to get slaughtered if they don't figure out their game. Chicago pounced on turnovers by the Lightning and made them pay. They scored 3 goals in just over a minute, one of which was a breakaway by Carcillo. Ok, so maybe that Carcillo goals was a mistake by the Lightning since even Chicago's own bench was laughing at the goal, but what I'm trying to say here is that Chicago looked good. They are also on top of the Western Conference while Vancouver has been bumbling around at 11th.

So depending on how the Canucks play today, this game could be great, crap or really messy.

Speaking of Carcillo....

1. He's getting his own radio show? Say what?

2. He's been chirping on twitter about this game already:


And this video from his presser during the summer:

Besides the fact that Torres and Glass don't play for us anymore, bring it on.


And the answer to my Portillo's question is no. I looked it up. I am honestly sad to discover that.