AV's comments about David Booth's progress is being diplomatic and generous to the forward.

Via a Gordon McIntyre article in The Province:

“No, we’re not disappointed,” Vigneault said. “We knew coming in he was off to a slow start with Florida ... we knew it was a project we were getting, a project that in the past has had some real solid years.

“There’s definitely a foundation there. We have to work with that foundation.

“We can adjust a couple of things.”

Or maybe he doesn't want to crush the soul of Booth by just coming out to the media and ripping into him?

Well I'M DISSAPOINTED. When the forward that we traded for is making $4.5 million a season, I expect him to be better than a 'project'. I expect that for $4.5 million that you can SCORE some goals quite frankly. I know that it has been an adjustment to coming to Vancouver and being a different team, but really, could you have been this far off from being a productive player?

I'm hoping that in a few weeks I'll be eating my words and my bitterness about his lack of scoring.