I've read on some sites that tickets for the home games in Vancouver are going at some astronomical prices. Joe Yerdon from Pro Hockey Talk wrote about it and Katie Maximick ranted about it on the CHB. It seems that talking about the cost of SCF tickets is just one of those things we do in Vancouver, like complaining about the 5pm start times.

I say: that's just the cost of going to a Canucks game if you are going to buy a ticket now.

Look, the cost of Canucks games are high in comparison to other markets, I get that. The cost of facevalue tickets for the playoffs increased as expected as the rounds went by. Obviously the Stanley Cup Finals will be the most expensive, but it's not what everyone is making it out to be. Tickets only cost this much when you are buying it second hand through a ticket broker. It's just based on supply and demand.

I am a Canucks ticket holder and I have been one for just under 10 years now. I share my pair of tickets with some friends and had to draw to get the SCF ones. 17,000 of the 18,860 seats in Rogers Arena make up the season ticket base and from I've heard that there is about about a 5-7 year wait when you are on their Blue Line list. The rest of the seats will be released in the next day or two and will likely get snapped up in about 5 minutes. So there is a demand for tickets, a huge demand. The majority of people who own their tickets will want to go to the Stanley Cup Finals. But really, tickets are not in the $1000+ range that these articles are making them out to be, mine were under $200.

Of course tickets cost this much when you are buying them through places like Stubhub. If I were to sell my tickets, I would only sell them if I would make a killing for them. But I'm not going to sell my tickets, because like other people who are not willing to sell their tickets, I really, really want to go to watch an SCF game in person. And thus there is no supply for this great demand.

For people who say that they can just watch it on TV, well yes you can, and yes you'll see the replays and the angles better, but you don't get the experience. You don't get the experience of being in the arena watching it happen. The feeling you get with the other 18,859 people with you watching THE game. I don't want to brag here, but I was lucky enough to be surprised with semi-final tickets to watch Canada play Slovakia during the Olympics. It was one of the greatest games I've ever been to. It was the experience of being there with my Dad, the excitement and cheers that erupt when your team scores that make it all worth it. I can't imagine the feeling of what it would have been like to be at the gold medal match.

So if you want to go buy a ticket through a ticket broker, then yes, tickets are going to be expensive. But that's just how it is, if you want to end up buying tickets now for a Stanley Cup Final game because those people that are selling their tickets to you are only doing it because the money is worth it for them not to go to the game themselves. I'm not one of those people that will be selling my ticket to you, even if the current Stubhub.com price puts that at about $1000 per ticket.