After drowning some of my sorrows from Saturday night in a pint of beer, I'm moving on from this weekend. And with these past few days off, I think I've resumed my sense of calm about the series. My primary annoyance this past weekend was not with the loss or how they played the overtime, but rather, how they played in regulation. They played like they didn't care that there was a game on the line.

So hoping for a better effort tonight, ok boys?

In the meantime, here are some links I've been reading:

There will be some lineup changes coming into Game 3 with Cody Hodgson on the 4th line centering Tanner Glass and the now demoted Mikael Samuelsson according to Ben Kuzma of The Province.

And Sami Salo is a possibility to be also back in the lineup after skating with the team on Monday.

And, I hate to return to the negative, but go read this article by the Kurtenblog, who writes "If your go-to goalscorers don't score goals, you're screwed."

Botchford writes that this big kerfuffle with the Predators complaining to the NHL and CBC talking about how the green men should be limited is ridiculous. Oh and they will be at Game 3 in Nashville CBC.

And from the lovable Shane O'Brien, this insight:

"I wouldn't want to see myself in one of those tight green suits — I can tell you that. I guess they feel good about themselves to dress up in all green. I noticed there are never any chicks sitting beside them, they're always sitting beside dudes. Maybe they've got to figure that out and they'll be able to get a date or something." -The Province

Leave it to Shane O'Brien to pay attention to whether the green men come with girls to the games