When Aaron Rome scores one of the seven goals scored by Vancouver...you know it's going well. According to Kevin Bieksa, that was a set play*.

The Canucks have gone up 2-0 in the series that heads back to San Jose on Friday. Game 2 had everything going well for the Canucks. The Sedins scored, the 3rd line scored, Mason Raymond scored, Bieksa scored on a breakaway, I could go on...and again, Aaron Rome scored.

Outside of their PK ability, this game had lots of positives for the Canucks. One of the biggest things I saw was how the team was able to keep their composure throughout the game. Even though Bieksa did fight Marleau, the Canucks stayed focused during the whole 60 minute effort.

Even for a player that I thought could be a liability in the playoffs because of his past, Lapierre has blown me away. He's worked so well on the third line and has been such a key player in the faceoff circle for the team. And this is all without his previous antics from years past that had him taking penalties. Lapierre did make some funny faces at Ryan Clowe tonight, but that's where it ended.


On the Sharks front, Ben Eager may have lost the game for the Sharks single-handedly. Or at least it seems like he did as he is deflecting enough attention from the players from the Sharks who didn't show up in Game 2.

If I were a Sharks fan, I wouldn't be as worried about Eager's antics as I am at the lack of scoring by players not named Couture and Thornton. If it was just Eager, McCellan could just scratch him in Game 3, but this loss it not rightfully all due to his credit. Whatever Eager did tonight, will just deflect attention from the Sharks being outworked in two games straight. They've been pinned in their zone, have made some really sloppy turnovers in the neutral zone and can't seem to get a hold on the Canucks break-out pass. It is possible that this is the fatigue that comes from having played 7 games against the Wings in Round 2, but whatever it is, it's allowing the Canucks to take advantage of the situation.

The real test for the Canucks is the two games coming up in San Jose. Now we head to their rink and see if the Canucks can put themselves up 3-0 on Friday which I imagine will require every bit of effort it took to dominate Games 1 and 2.

*Bieksa just keeps getting better every interview these playoffs