The Canucks came out tonight, like they did in Games 1 and 3, and were the better team on the ice. They worked harder, they shot more and Ryan Kesler was again a beast.

It was only a few games ago that we were asking: where are the goals? This 41 goal scorer didn't have any goals in the post season but clearly, you could see he was working hard. So we said the goals would come.

Kesler now has 3 goals in two games and came up with this beauty of a powerplay goal:

But that was the goal that gave the Canucks the one goal lead in the third. The first 47:28 before it seemed to follow the same script that we've been watching for the previous three games before: Canucks get one goal lead, Predators tie, Canucks get another goal, Predators tie sometime in the 3rd period....then OT

But tonight, the Kesler goal on the PP changed that and the Canucks fought hard to win in regulation tonight.

Henrik potted the empty netter, which doesn't pass for an actual goal there Henrik, but it did give the Canucks a 4-2 win.

But this game seemed like it was reflective of when the Predators stopped working as hard as their opposition.

During the 5-3 powerplay, with Lapierre and Rome in the box, the Predators were only able to get 1 shot on net. 1 shot. Now I know the Canucks don't have a great record for 5-3's either, but in Game 4 of the playoffs, just 1 shot? And where were the scary-ass shots from Weber? The Canucks did a good job and limiting his ability to shoot the puck, which had him switching positions like he was on a pendulum, but I wouldn't be pleased if I was a Preds fan. And if his slapshot takes too long to set up, why not settle for wristing it in and hope that with traffic in front, it might bounce in?

And since I'm picking apart Nashville here, we all see that the Sedins haven't been producing, it may have been better if he started to shift the coverage of Weber/Suter from the Sedins/Burrows to Kesler/Higgins/Raymond. Just a thought.

But in the end, maybe it's just that Weber and Suter are tired and the Preds just don't have the offensive players that score enough goals to get past the 2nd round. Weber and Suter looked like they just didn't want it as bad tonight. Not to say that they didn't play well, because they give a beating to the Sedins and Burrows every shift. And they have both logged a lot of minutes and at times stay on for some very, very long shifts.

It's not over yet, but since it has looked like the Canucks have been the better team throughout the series, it seems tough to think the Preds can come back from being down 3-1.