Tonight Today is a huge game. Things will either go one of two ways, 1. The Canucks will give themselves that 3-1 edge in the series giving them a chance to win it at home on Tuesday or 2. The Sharks do what the Lightning did last night and tie it up making for an exciting but nervous series.

Before we jump into the game itself, let's all acknowledge that we hate the noon start time. Ok, maybe hate is a strong word, because I really don't mind eating my brunch this Sunday, while it rains outside, watching the hockey game. Obviously having this at night would be better, because then I could actually do something with my day, but really it's not that big of an inconvenience. But thinking for the players being creatures of habit, no fan loves this. We want optimal scenarios for the team to perform their best. My recollection of previous day games says that the Canucks do not perform well, in fact they injure themselves (think: Pens game where Luongo injured himself). But whatever, NBC is airing the game and like yesterday, they wanted this to be a day game so no amount of complaining will change the start time. Just think, the start times will get even uglier in the SCF.

Lots of stuff went wrong on Friday night, some were in our control, some not. Things not in our control: injuries. The Canucks will be without Christian Ehrhoff and Aaron Rome today due to injury. But that's the reason we carry like 40 defencemen right? So, next up on our depth defencemen has Andrew Alberts and Keith Ballard making up the 3rd pairing.

This article by Tony Gallagher talks about how Ballard is hard on himself for a lacklustre season and the end, Ballard goes on to say that he still has his 'confidence'. The article makes it seem like its just a line he's telling himself and the media, but I hope through all of these games he's had to play with AV that he really hasn't lost his confidence. Christ Tanev joined the team just before practice yesterday in a just in case scenario, but is not expected to jump the depth chart and play.

As for the stuff that went wrong on Friday that was within our control, well that was obviously the penalties that the Canucks took. After praising Bieksa for his play in Game 2, Bieksa just went ahead and took three penalties. He's not the only one either since the team itself took 10 penalties and one game misconduct. And the reason that was a problem was because the Canucks PK couldn't kill any of them off. The Sharks were like 5/5 on penalties bringing me back the PK horrors of the LA series last year. The Canucks finally killed some PK's off, and hopefully this means an end to the Sharks' PP goals.

I expect that all of the Canucks fans that travelled down to San Jose to watch Game 3 will also be at Game 4. Even with the reduced numbers of Sharks fans there on Friday night, when the Sharks scored, the tank was LOUD. Like crazy loud. I'm quite impressed with them. The KB has some really great videos on the number of Canucks fans that were there in San Josesome video of Sharks fans and they also give some props to the Sharks fans as well.

So Game 4 Canucks, let's DO IT