Heartbreak city

When the Canucks needed to come out with a strong effort to eliminate the Preds, they didn't.

They had a good first period, a terrible second and an also terrible third. There are exceptions to what I'm saying of course. Ryan Kesler tried to again single-handedly win the game by himself, and Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre played a hard working game. And that's it.

Every other Canuck did not out work the other team, and even worse, made some really terrible decisions. The first goal by the Predators was scored shorthandedbecause Samuelsson coughed up the puck. Then there is the play of Edler on Legwand's second goal. And Bieksa didn't clear the puck out of the zone and the Predators capitalized on that as well.

And then there was the play of the Sedins. They were a combined -7 tonight. Although they looked better tonight, looking like they had better chances, they didn't convert and were held pointless. As fans, we're frustrated at watching them. Frustrated when they get put to take the offensive zone faceoff when maybe AV should be palying the guys who have been scoring. But it shouldn't be this way. Because if the Sedins were scoring, we wouldn't be in this situation, thinking it would be better that they aren't on the ice.

Samuelsson won't travel with the team to Nashville, and maybe right now with his lack of production, that's a good thing for the team.

Game 6 is Monday in Nashville at 5pm. Let's finish it off then boys.