A few housekeeping things and then a few words on the past few days.

1. Contest winners:
The winners of the Reebok t-shirt contest were EastCoastCanucksFan and @KevinMurray7. Their shirts are on the way to them once Canada Post starts working again.

2. The summer schedule:
Since it is summer, I'll be posting very sporadically. I'll have some stuff up as players get re-signed or as players get signed through free agency in the next couple of weeks, so look for that. But since I really don't care about the draft since we're picking 29th and really don't know about the draft class this year, don't really expect any coverage on that. So unless I have an extreme urge to write, I'm probably not. The reason is that I write on four different sites and need the summer to re-charge my batteries. I'll still be tweeting every so often, so follow @BenchedWhale on twitter or check back here when training camp hits.

3. The team:
We were really close. I can't stop wondering if it would have made a difference if Hamhuis didn't get injured in that hit, but even though we were close, Boston was better during that series. They wanted it more, they had players step up to score and really just played a better game during the entire series.

That being said, this past year of the Canucks has been fantastic. I loved this team and enjoyed the memories that we had this year. Even though it seemed like they flamed out in the finals, they had a really dominant regular season. I'm not sure if I will ever get to watch such a great performance by this club, but damn it made for some exciting hockey.

As for the playoff run, it had some great moments and some 'god I never want to see Nashville-type hockey in the playoffs ever again' type moments. And to me the loss came down to the injuries that afflicted our team that wore the team down. It's too bad that it happened, but it did and there is always next year, right?

4. The riots:
This has been one of the hardest things to write on this season, and I've been hoping that some time would take away the highs and lows of my emotions so that I can give a clear opinion on the issue. But I have come to realize that the strong emotions that I felt watching the riots will never be divorced from my memory of the incident and nor should it be.

I have never felt so disgusted with residents of Vancouver in my life before. Watching was I saw on TV made me feel sick. Some people riot for real issues like corrupt government or no jobs or political issues, you rioted for no reason. It also made me feel sad for what some of the people of the city/suburbs has become reduced to. And as the night went on I felt rage at what those idiots were doing to my city. They were destroying the city that I believe to be a piece of me and a great community to live in.

Sure some of the people in the riots were anarchists because you don't end up at a riot with gas masks or gas cans without preplanning for a riot, but most of the people I saw involved were not anarchists. They were young adults, predominantly men but some women too, who had the look of being absolutely crazy on their faces. If you've ever read the book the Hunger Games or Battle Royale, I would compare it to those kids that were sent to a game to fight to the death. You wouldn't think that city people had it in them, the killing face, but when faced with a kill or be killed situation, they will kill. And that's what I felt like I saw. Rage with a euphoric madness that filled my streets of Vancouver.

The VPD did a phenomenal job with the manpower that they had available. And the paramedics, nurses and doctors that had to treat the injured people in the riot, innocents or rioters alike, I'm sure did a fantastic job for an event that should never have occurred.

I am sure we will play the blame game here in the city, but in the end, it happened. I just hope that the people who did this will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I hope that all of this anger that our city has towards to the few that took part in this will continue on so that this will not occur again.

As for the rioters that are being outed by social media, on twitter or on the riot shame blogs, I am all for it. Maybe having your name on the internet forever will be a harsher punishment than what you will get from the court systems. You tried to blow up a police car? For real? Who does that?

Some of those who have turned themselves in to the police have said that their families and friends have had some hate or disrespect directly to them. I am ok with that. Because maybe having them be hurt by the effects of YOUR actions will mean more to you than your pathetic apologies that I've read. Did i just read an essay with quotes on mob mentality trying to remove the heinousness of your actions? Or that you think we should lay off? Uhuh. Oh wait, you have changed your blog post removing all the explanation parts. Why did you change it Camille Cacnio? Oh well, at least the Vancouver Sun captured your apology before you made all the changes.

There is a fantastic rebuttal to an apology by an ER nurse that had to work that night. And for the apology that I read from Tim Kwong posted on Facebook (can be read here), learn to use grammer, spelling and capitalization's for effect correctly. You also say you are sorry and say that "I PROMISE that i will do whatever i can to make this up !! I am a big believer in Cleaning up your mess !! I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES".....and what is that exactly Mr. Kwong? What are you going to do to make this up? At least Nathan Kotylak's statment just stated that he will face the consequences for his actions.

If you had not had your photo plastered on The Province or being posted on the riot same blogs, only to have your family or friends see it, would you have turned yourself in? I question that. They all seem to say they were guilty, but did any of these people go an clean up the city the next day? Probably not. The people cleaning up the city were people that were not involved in the mess you caused, and were just cleaning up after you.

I don't know how people get to the point of the madness that I saw. I understand the mob mentality and liquor plays a huge part, but I question why you can't just walk away from all of that. My two friends who were at the game did. They left the arena, knew something bad was up and decided to walk over the bridge to catch a bus.

I hope that this doesn't change the way the city approaches similar events in the future. If the Canucks return on a playoff run next year and those live sites are not run, thanks for ruining that. I could also go on and thank you for raising my taxes to pay for all the damage, cleanup, research for your court cases and litigation costs. And for everyone who has car insurance as well, they can thank you for raising their car insurance to pay for those torched cards if their insurance covers the destruction.

Although I don't suggest vigilante justice in actually going to these people houses or posting their addresses or phone numbers online, I think the internet is fair game. Look I know most of you are good kids, and have bright futures, BUT YOU LIT A POLICE CAR ON FIRE! Deal with the consequences in court and deal with the consequences of having your name pop up on the internet every time an employer does a google search on your name. If you lose a sports scholarship or your job over this, I think that is just part of the repercussions for the events that you took part in that night.

So one more time, YOU LIT A POLICE CAR ON FIRE.