We all watched Game 3 and read at least 50 blogs today breaking it down, so I'm not going to go in depth about how much it sucked, but it sucked balls. Would have sucked if you traveled to the game as a Canucks fan, but that's part of the risk you take, no?

When the boys from Days of Y'Orr asked me about my prediction of the series, I picked the Canucks in six. No one predicted the Canucks to sweep this series did they? If you say you did, you are laying or you were an idiot thinking we would just sweep an SCF. Boston didn't just get to the SCF by getting free pass to the finals, so you didn't think they'd just roll over and play dead, did you?

Watching your team lose sucks, no matter if it was a close loss or a blowout. But a fall-apart loss by the Canucks is nothing new is it? Haven't we watched that game before? But the one thing about this team is their resiliency to bounce back from a loss like that. The team had time to think about how out of focus that game got from them. There was many factors that went into that loss, but there's no time to dwell on it, just play a better game tomorrow.

On the Rome hit/suspension:
Well if you have been living under a rock, or at least a media hermit in Vancouver, he was suspended 4 games. If the series goes for that means the rest of the season, if it doesn't, that means it carries into next season. Now as for my thought on it: it was a good call on the 5 minute major, and I won't argue with the game misconduct. The hit was late and the outcome was awful. As for the suspension....if the NHL deems that as 4 games, I'm ok with that.

And we should see the end of the finger taunting after this tweet:


As for what the Canucks did on their off day, it looks like they found some time to have a good laugh today