I was musing to myself on what it would have been like if the Lightning had won in that Game 7 instead of the Bruins. I certainly would have developed a blogger split personality because of it and my twitter would have been a mess.

I don't know what it is about playing the Bruins over the Lightning, but it seems just a bit more legitimate. That a win over them would be better than a team like the Lightning. Them being in the East and Vancouver never having the chance to play them a lot makes them a bit of a mythical team. You remember their great years and the idea that they were really tough, but I quite frankly never saw them enough to make a better judgement outside of what I heard of the Bruins growing up. That has changed a lot in the past few years with things like GameCenter, but now that they are competitive, you see them in a similar position to the Canucks. Their team's window to win may be now and their fanbase is giving them support.

Not to disrespect Lightning fans, but we are just coming out of a dark time of being subject to some serious mismanagement of the team. Fans are a little timid in jumping back on the bandwagon and although the support has been fantastic in the playoffs, it's not the same pining that they have had to endure that Canucks and Bruins fans have.

Maybe it's that Boston was an original six team, and that's why it seems like a win over the Bruins is more legitimate. I have a feeling that if Vancouver won over the Lightning, I would forever hear that "Oh but you only beat the Lightning that year", like it was some fluke win.

Or maybe it's just because I didn't want to have to deal with blogging about two competing teams at the exact same time. This way, I can have a full on hate of the opposition team and relish in the win when we do but on the flip side, I'll also be more crushed if we end up losing to them.