What a photo Raffi.

And what timing to be in the right place for that pass from Jannik. Just when I thought we were going to be headed to a triple overtime, Kesler starts off the play to Hansen who sets up Torres for the goal to win the game. This third line played phenomenal tonight and may have been the most dangerous on the ice with their breakaways. Let's be honest and admit that no one expected Torres to get the game winner, complete shocker. In an interview with Sportsnet, Jannik Hansen said that he knew to pass the puck to him since Raffi was calling for it the way that Raffi made it known he wanted the puck.

But let's all take a step back and realize that in addition to Torres' goal, Luongo got a shutout.


I don't know if anything will ever end the Luongo critics, but his performance tonight got the job done. He made the saves that he needed to for a 36 goal performance. He looked solid in net, and there was no fear when the Bruins carried the puck into the zone or when they had a chance on the PP (which looked way better than last series). So huge game for Lu tonight.

And we can look at the other end of the rink to the performance of Tim Thomas, who tried everything to keep his team in the game. He was amazing. After watching him stone the Lightning last series, maybe I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but what a performance. There was many profanities yelled at my tv when he stoned the Canucks.

With Game 2 not till Saturday, this will give Hamhuis some time to recover from whatever injury he got from that hipcheck on Hamhuis. No point in seeing what the coach is going to say about his status now since they've got the extra day off to rest, and it's the playoffs so you won't get a straight answer no matter what.

Big game tonight, great win by the boys. Need to work on that PP because if this is what the rest of the series is going to look like, we need to capitalize on those chances.

Game 2 is 5pm Saturday.