What I had originally planned was to have a photo expedition from last night's game, but somehow the sun, the beach and some spot prawns got in the way of me uploading any photos. Just a couple quick thoughts here before Game 3 hits tomorrow

1. I love all the people watching the game outside on the street. The enthusiasm has been fantastic and so far I have heard nothing but good things about it.
2. I love to wear shorts to the game. Who knew that people did this?
3. I don't really care if the ratings were crap for Game 2, 5pm starts on Saturdays when it's nice outside means I'm pre-gaming on a patio....or oyster bar as the venue was yesterday
4. I love to walk out between intermissions or after the game and it's STILL BRIGHT OUTSIDE
5. Random high fives after a win are awesome
6. The knowing that every goal scored means so much more because it's the SCF
7. The screams of the arena when Burrows scored the OT winner were really, really loud. I don't think I can explain this well enough because it's one of those you had to be there moments
8. Jersey sales must have been through the roof recently, because there are a LOT of jerseys around the city
9. I would want to punch him in the face if he was on the other team, but Maxim Lapierre has been hilarious. I would also have a good hate on Burrows as well but what an effort in Game 2 by him
10. When Manny first hit the ice, the emotion in Rogers Arena was uncanny. I'm not sure if the camera's caught this but there were so many Manny chants that randomly broke out during the game that just felt right.

Now the best article I've read from the Boston media has come from Joe Haggerty on why the Canucks have beat Boston through two games. He really gets straight to the point saying that speed has killed Boston through two games.