We are now only 1 win away from the Stanley Cup. ONE MORE.

So close yet so far still.


The 2nd and 3rd star of the team....Lapierre with the goal and Edler was a hitting machine. I believe Edler had 10 hits credited to him.


What a performance by Luongo. I can't imagine what today was like for him coming back to Vancouver after dropping Game 3 and 4, but he was able to keep his focus coming into tonight. He did his walk along the seawall like he did after being pulled against Chicago came up huge for the team tonight.

Tonight's game was more than just it being Game 5. It was about showing their hometown fans that they belong in this series. It was about putting those two losses behind them and staying in the series. They did all of that.

As for Chris Tanev, I think Bieksa's quote says it all:
"He's so cool and calm he could have played with a cigarette in his mouth"

He was so calm on the ice and made the smart plays when he needed to. In such a high pressure game, in high pressure plays, he was still so patient with his decisions.

There's now a three day break before Game 6 in Boston, and I don't think this break comes at a better time for either team. The Canucks can use the extra day to rest their bodies and prep for that plane ride back to Boston. Although we won tonight, there is still lots of things that the Canucks could work on. The powerplay still hasn't been able to convert and we did only win by one goal. But let's just enjoy being just one win away from a championship win for the weekend right now.