What? You haven't heard that THE CANUCKS ARE IN NEW YORK?

This was my feeling as my sick-at-home self felt when I visited the NHL.com website today. The Canucks hardly ever get any play on NHL.com normally, but today they have gone all out with the coverage since the team is playing the Rangers tonight. The fact that the team doesn't get much coverage on the NHL website doesn't really bother me as we get plenty of cover at home here with the local papers and multitudes of great blogs out there. But it is interesting to see the sudden increase in coverage on the team because of the game.

Other thoughts
  • James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail put together a list of the top defensive forwards at the mid-season mark. On his list of 30 players, four Vancouver Canucks make his list: Alex Burrows, Jannik Hansen, Ryan Kesler and Manny Malhotra.
  • With Sami Salo skating more and more these days, and the Canucks needing to clear up more cap space for his return (about $1.8 million), lots have talk is about whether Raffi Torres will be on the way out. Since my expectations of him were low to begin with, sure he was a surprise with regards to how well he has played, but can't say I would be upset it's because Salo is ready to play.
  • But how much would it suck to answer questions about how you would feel about being traded when no timetable has been given for Salo's return? It's one thing to not read the papers to get you down, but obviously you know what they are writing based on the questions they are asking you day-in and day-out