I don't know what to make of today's trade deadline day. Coming into it with already so many trades having taken place over the last few weeks, you could predict that today's deadline would be quieter. But I don't know if I was still hoping for something to surprise me. I imagine it was a painfully slow moving day at TSN. In the end the 'big' trade was Dustin Penner to the Kings. And while Dustin Penner is big and this does make the Kings better since they finally have a LW-er, it was a bit ho-hum.

I had written off the Canucks from doing anything once the trade deadline was technically over, but Gillis surprised me today with acquiring Maxim Lapierre and Chris Higgins for nothing that hurts the team now. Draft picks and players that aren't on the current roster for two players that could make the difference for a Cup, I'll take it.

I like the Maxim Lapierre trade because sh-t we needed a 4th line center. This is like a late Christmas gift to Tanner Glass for having to put up with rooking centers rotating through his line every odd week. He's been such a good sport about it all his new mistake-making rookies he's had to deal with but this must be nice now, no? He'll have first and foremost a center. And a player that can be called an NHL player because he's played more than 10 NHL games. And he's feisty. Throw in a little Jeff Tambellini, and I'm liking the look of the line. Just have AV throw a really really short leash on him and have him buy into the current Canucks motto of 'don't do anything stupid'.

As for Higgins, well, isn't he the Mason Raymond motivator? That's what his job is right? Either motivate Raymond into actually producing or take his spot in the top six. I'd like to see this make Raymond step up his game (does he have game these days?) since we have him signed to a contract, but if it comes down to it that Higgins will be more effective, then so be it.

And so in close, based on not having ever seen either of them play in a Canuck uniform yet, I'm going to give GMMG a thumbs up on this trade deadline. He addressed a need (4th line center) and even surprised me with a possible top six forward. And he paid for it with monopoly money.