I was having dinner this past weekend, with hockey very far from my brain, trying to take advantage of the last bits of summer in the city (the rain late Saturday night decided to also take advantage of me being out by absolutely soaking me while I was looking for a cab). During dinner, I look over to the table near us to see a group of young guys dressed rather casually for the place we were at (some wearing baseball hats) only to recognize the guy at the end to being Cody Hodgson. Then I tried to sneak another look at the others at the table facing me and hello! it's the Canuck prospects. Hockey is back in the city.

This summer in order to re-charge my blogging batteries, I chose to spend the summer away from blogging. I enjoyed the city, especially the beaches, the fresh abundant produce and general summer Vancouver vibe. People seem like they have a whole different personality when the summer hits and everyone wants to be out on a patio.

I also had a chance to spend some time in Europe as well, doing touristy things in the extreme summer heat. During my travels I did come across some Canucks stuff while I was in Prague, which of course I took photos of


Awesome huh? So clearly, me and my travel buddy decided we had to see the inside of the Canuck nesting dolls...


Something seems amiss.....


Eeeeeerrrrrr whhhattttt???

Needless to say, I did not buy this overpriced-incorrect-jersey-numbered-souvenier to add to my souvenir collection.

So the young stars are now up in Penticton (had their first game last night the Canucks lost to the Oilers prospects 4-1) playing in the young Stars Tournament. The tournament features prospects from the Canucks, Oilers, Flames, Sharks and Ducks in an eight-game round robin tournament.

After the tournament, the Canucks training camp will start in Penticton on Saturday September 18th and run till Monday September 20th.

The Canucks start their pre-season game by splitting the team up, half will be back in Vancouver and the other half in Calgary, to play a Flames on September 21st.

The first regular season game is on Saturday October 9th at home against the Kings.

Today Luongo is back in town meeting up with Gillis to discuss captaincy (perhaps he'll relinquish?) so maybe a few words on that later if anything happens of note. And check back in the next few days as I'll be starting my season preview posts.