If you ask me who the new captain of the Canucks should be I'd have to say Ryan Kesler. I like how hard he works, his style of play and there's just something about him that to me would make a good captain. I imagine he'd give a great motivational speech in the locker room when it comes down to the most important game of the season next year.

Two years before the Olympics if you said that Kesler would make Team USA, he would have been considered a long shot. But his defensive style of play won him a spot on the roster, and when he played against Team Canada, he drove me up the wall with his grinding style. I guess that's how other fans view him when the Canucks play their team. So many other bloggers of other teams that I know think that Kesler should be captain because they were swayed by his performance in the Olympics.

In Vancouver, we know that Kes doesn't like losing, he's often vocal about his dislike for it. You can see his annoyance of it when he speaks to the media but yet he's good with the media. It's a good thing he works well with the attention since he plays for a team in a city where the media is sometimes quite crazy.

During the summer his workout routine sounded similar to what Gary Roberts puts players like Stamkos through:

That resolve started when son asked dad to run flow drills during 90-minute summer sessions with pros because the centre didn't want to waste valuable ice time in debate. And in addition to two-hour workouts in the gym, the Canucks alternate captain strapped on a 40-pound vest and ran up and down the hills near his West Bloomfield, Mich. home. -The Province

He has also shown how committed he is to being here with the Canucks when he signed a six year contract extension with the team.

But so did Henrik.

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Now for all the reasons why Kesler may be a great captain, there's an equal reason why Henrik would be just as great of a captain. While fans love Kesler for his emotion and feistiness, Henrik is calm but assertive. He speaks when it's important and gives thought into what he says. He has gone through the city doubting whether him and his brother could ever be top line guys. Remember those years of the frustration of watching the Sedins not be able show domination on the ice? They endured and improved.

There's no way to deny that Henrik has achieved a career best last year in poinst. And if his brother hadn't been injured, maybe we'd be talking about Daniel as being another possible candidate for captain.

Deciding on who will be captain is not the same as saying who is the leader of the team. Hockey teams need a strong core group of leadership, not just one player appointed to step up all the time. When Luongo gave up his captaincy, he didn't give up his leadership, just the extra responsibilities that were distracting him from performing. Luongo will be more of a leader to the team if he's on his game stopping pucks. So no matter who gets appointed as captain, it's not to say that the other was not good enough. Just that whoever is making the decision of who should be captain thinks that who they chose is the best person to be captain at this time.

As I've said before, I think we'll see Henrik being named as the new captain in the next couple of weeks. And it will be a good choice, maybe even the right choice. But if Kes gets named captain, then it will be the right choice as well. Is it possible to not have a wrong choice?