I hate to be a downer, but today felt like it was officially the end of summer.

I woke up this morning to rain outside of my apartment, then rain on the way to work, then rain falling sideways all day while I was at work until it tapered off to light showers later in the evening.

Welcome to rain city Vancouver.

After spending this summer gallivanting around (more on that later) and enjoying the fresh Okanagan produce that has been available in our fair city, today had me mumbling questions about why I live in a city where the rain can fall sideways so that no matter how well you equip yourself with an umbrella you will in the end get wet.

Sunday night was also the 11th episode of True Blood which means there's only one episode left. If you don't watch the show, 1. You are missing out or don't get the humour and 2., it is aired right when hockey is heading into the off season and runs until hockey is just about to start up again. It's scheduled perfectly to be opposite hockey. Realizing that this upcoming weekend is labour day, I will have to wait two whole weeks until the final episode of True Blood season 3. Gah! And if you watched the last episode, don't even ask me what happened in that one, I really don't know what direction they are going to go with on the last episode.

So with the changing weather and my favorite summer tv show coming to its season end, well that means hockey season is right around the corner. Training camp begins in 18 days in Penticton and the first pre-season game is in 21 days at home. So enjoy those last few days of summer we have left (even though they won't seem quite as warm as to how a summer day should feel like), because hockey is almost back.