Now if we are all done discussing Rick Rypien's antics, his current suspension (indefinately) or how many games he should be suspended for (10 games)...let's move on to the game tonight.

If Rypien was trying to remove the focus from the big game this week. Congratulations. But seriously, we still have a game to play against the Blackhawks tonight, which to me is a bigger deal.


Not going to lie, I'm more than a little jealous of this photo

Opposition blog: Head over to the guys we met last year at Blackhawks Down Low

After two years of meeting them, and getting out asses kicked in the playoffs, you could call this a heated rivalry. Tonight, as was the first Hawks game of the season last year, is one for the Canucks to prove to themselves that they can win against the Hawks. It should help the Canucks that so many of the peripheral/character guys are gone from the Blackhawks, which should reduce the amount of possible stupid actions to come out of the Canucks tonight.

Luongo is starting tonight. Let's not talk about him being tired, he's a professional goalie and I'm sure he can handle one back to back. Jeff Tambellini is in for Rick Rypien tonight. Ballard is out on the blue line but no word about if Hamhuis is out as well, will update later

The Canucks need to keep the game simple and players who are not swedish and not have the last name Sedin, need to start scoring some goals. Luongo needs to forget about last nights six goals he let in and play a solid game. Sounds easy? For this team it never is but tonight, let's just play simple hockey.

Game time: 6:00pm on TSN and on the radio on the Team 1040

There's a Canucks tweet-up tonight at Joey's on Broadway and Granville. So I'll see you there? I'll be one not tweeting because my phone is lame