I've neglected my blog since the season opener. Been so caught up in other things, like the Lightning actually winning some games and with the Canucks playing less than stellar, it's just been hard to write. But the Lightning lost on Saturday night, more than just a loss actually, it was like meltdown city.

But I've come back now blog.

First up, I was catching up on some episodes of Fringe today, getting caught up on the show. Did anyone catch the first episode this season?

It's filmed in Vancouver so there is always lots of shots around the city that I recognize (Fringe HQ is the Vancouver Public Library), but today, aside from Bubbles from The Wire showing up as the cab driver, I recognized the rehab center:


Which looks an awful lot like this:


Nice appearance there by the Canucks dressing room.

A few scenes later we get this shot of the boys deciding to go after Olivia:


Which looks like this:


In real life, it's the Canucks change room. This is one of the things I love about shows that are shot in Vancouver, the endless spotting of locations. But this is a first for the dressing room being used in something I've seen.

Bullet points for stuff I've missed:

  • Schneider got his first start of the season at home. He looked good in his first game this season. And miles better than any memory I have of him from last season
  • Good for Schneider getting the start at home instead of just getting starts on the road when there's a back to back
  • Big goals from the players who needed to get them: Kesler, Raymond, Samuelsson
  • Obviously Alberts goal was a surprise. Big hits by him against his old team
  • Manny Malhotra was a beast. Two short handed breakaways and was 15-1 in the circle
  • AV's line juggling seems to have its desired effect, but I still don't think the juggling was a good idea
  • Keith Ballard has a "slight concussion". How many players has had a concussion in the NHL this season? And we're only five games in to the season
  • Derek Jory with an interesting article on 6 things he's noticed while he was between the benches for a game

And lastly there is a Canucks tweetup on Wednesday at Joey's on Broadway for the Blackhawks game. So I'll see you there?