I still haven't gathered my thoughts for an end of season post mortem, but will have that up when I get some time in the next few days.

Last night I attended my last Canucks game of the season. Yes the loss was disappointing but before going to the game I knew that there was the potential to be disappointed. After the 1st period I was still cautiously optimistic but after those two quick goals in the second period by the Hawks were like a dagger to my heart. Highlights of the night involved the crowd chanting "Balls of Steel" for Salo when he carried the puck up ice.

Now I love playoff games. Really, really love them. The crowd is completely different (sometimes a little bit more bandwagoney or douchey) but for the most part the energy off of the fans that go to playoff games, well it's awesome. It all starts with the nervous anticipation, the intro video that gives you chills, the beers, the anthem, the high fives and Woos and sometimes the really disappointing losses.

Here is my photo adventure from game six:


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The white towels on all the seats at the beginning of the game...


Become the white towels waived during the game


Guys behind us in the concession line pointed out the GIANT dogs on the left

Canuck Fans:



Notice the very empty cup in his hand, yeah I'm betting he's has more than a few

Jersey Fouls:


Having the Olympics in Vancouver meant a lot of local fans bought jersey and I think that's pretty awesome. But I don't get how people draw the connection to wear players that are not on the ice to games after the Olympics are over. It's ok to wear your favorite player if they are playing on one of the teams, ie. Team Canada Toews jersey is perfectly acceptable to game six. The one on the left is passable since Hodgson is at least on the Canucks, the one on the left is a Crosby jersey. Yeah Crosby, for reals.


Now this one is even worse. This guy paid good money to be in the front row here and he's wearing some sort of an Russian Ovechkin jersey. Yeah I don't get it either. And his friend with the Demitra jersey, he looks like the type of guy that also had a Sundin jersey in his closet. His Demitra jersey and his Sundin jersey can become friends in the closet after tonight


So I noticed this guy in my section as I was late coming back to my seat during intermissions. It's a jersey foul that just kinda awesome, definitely one of the better ones that I've seen.

Blackhawk fans:


Spotted this guy in the concourse, it was hard to take this photo because the gold was all reflective, but the back says "In Mullets We Trust", and front says "Don't Toews me bro"


Found out that guy is actually sitting in front of us in out section, they were pretty awesome during the game. Woman beside them in the Canucks jersey does not look impressed.


An empty stadium....see you next October Canucks