Disclaimer: I'm to nervous to even write a traditional game preview, so this is what you are stuck with. Apologies


Last game's win meant our playoff lives get extended. We need two more wins for this to mean anything in the long run, but let's just take this one game at a time boys.

Road teams have been tearing it up in this round, tonight would be a good night to change that Canucks.

Our defense pulled together last game, let's hope in the assumed absence of Sami Salo that they'll be able to do it again. It goes without saying that the team is going to need a strong game from Luongo tonight. It really is balls to the wall tonight.

Gonna be nervous all day today Vancouver.

Game time is at 6:30pm PT at GM Place, as always your opposition blog is Blackhawks Down Low. Bring your Woo tonight.


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And if you were like me who cheered for Norway at the Olympics, they just beat the Czechs at the World Championships today. Woo!

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