Just a few things:

Bernier has flown back to Vancouver on Wednesday to see an abdominal specialist next Tuesday about a possible sports hernia injury


Bloguin's March NHL Power Rankings are up:

-The top 4 teams remain the Caps, Hawks, Sharks and Devils
-The Canucks come in at #5
-The Flames and Oilers dropped 7 spots and 10 spots respectively
Go check it out to see what the other Bloguin bloggers are saying about the teams going into the last 20 game stretch

The Canucks have 19 games left in the season and after thumping the Red Wings 6-3 (that was enjoyable to see the Wings lose, no?) Canucks had the day off today from hockey in Chicago. Last time the two teams played, some words were said in the media between Kesler and Andrew Ladd, expect that to be talked about in the media tomorrow. Even bigger than that, after just playing together on a line, Kesler will now have to play against Patrick Kane whom apparently became friends during the Olympics. Don't worry Kes, it's easy to hate on Kane, just give it about 5 minutes.

Gametime tomorrow is 5:30 PST on Sportsnet