Hello Vancouver, how is our collective hangover doing today? Whether you are ready for it, the Canucks are back in action. There are 21 games in the next 41 days, which is like a game every other day.

Some numbers:

21 - Number of games left in the season

11 - Number of away games

10 - Number of home games

6 - Number of games against NW Division opponents

5 - Number of back to backs (so 10 total games)

3 - Number of games against the Sharks

Trade Deadline Day

For the most anticipated, but often a disappointingly quiet day (Jokinen was the highlight last year), here is what the plan is

  • For the NHL trade deadline I will be popping in on The 6th Sens' liveblog. I'll post up the link to it when it goes live on Wednesday morning, come join, I'm sure hilarity will ensue
  • Expect a recap of the transactions, or at least the ones (if any) to the Canucks after all the dust settles
  • Check out Cycle Like the Sedins for their annual trade deadline If You Were The GM Special, I'm both a writer AND an editor. Here are links for the NE Division, SE Division, NW Division, Central Division
  • For a look at the trade deadline, check out View From My Seats' NW Division Cheat Sheet