Photo from Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Finally! A home game! After finishing up that monster of a road trip the Canucks 8-5-1 and will now play the next 10 of 15 at home. The Senators on the other hand will play 9 of their 14 games remaining on the road

  • Kevin Bieksa returns to the line up today (thank god) and will replace O'Brien (really? not Alberts?)
  • The Senators were fantastic going into the Olympics, right now, not so much. They've only won 1 game since coming back from the break, and that was against the Oilers
  • The last time the Canucks faced the Senators they beat us for their franchise record 11th straight win
  • Leclaire will start in net for the Sens with Luongo taking the back to back for the Canucks
  • Luongo will be on After Hours tonight
  • Looking ahead the Canucks will play the Sharks three times, the Ducks twice and the Flames twice

Neat thing on Canucks.com that has the Canucks sharing the best moments from their road trip

Best meal according to Hordichuk:
“The meals you get for free are always good. On the road there we played a little credit card game, the last guy with their credit card pulled out has to pay. We had a couple real good meals that tasted especially good after winning.”