I could not recap last night, there was just no will to recap.


Photo from AP

This morning, thoughts are the same, Luongo sucked shit.

It wasn't just Luongo, no I'm ok with ripping in to the whole team today. It was the Canucks against one of the best in the West, a statement game for the Canucks. Instead of being a great game of hockey, it was a game filled with garbage hockey and ridiculous penalties.

  • 37 seconds into the game and already 32 minutes of penalties had been handed out
  • 37 seconds into the game and the Canucks have to kill off a 5-3
  • Luongo was not his normal average self, instead was his alter ego where he let is dumb goals. He let in 5 goals on 14 shots.
  • Coach AV decided to take lessons from Bykov, the coach for Team Russia in the Olympics and continued to let Luongo be in goal. Luongo should have been pulled after that 4th goal, instead AV left him in goal where he let in another one to end the period. Raycroft started the 2nd where the score was 5-1 and too late for a comeback
  • Andrew Alberts sucked
  • Where were the Sedins? I haven't seen them since January

Quote from Luongo via The Province:

"I didn't want to be in there for a dozen, so you might as well take me out after the first,"

It has been very frustrating to watch Luongo play, as when he is on his game, he is average and still lets in a soft goal every couple of games. He looks to be having trouble handling the puck and not being able to just freeze the damn thing. And when Luongo is shit, he is really shit. Obviously other goalies are having trouble too, Fleury was just pulled against the Rangers the other night, but as my flatmate commented last night to me, Luongo hasn't had a game recently where he has legitimately stolen the game.

Other Canuck Stuff

  • Burrows did set a career record last night in goals with his 29th
  • Luongo says that he will donate the $20,000 that he receives for winning gold in the Olympics to charity. Some of it will go to Canuck Place and the rest to his private charity in Montreal
  • Shea Weber injured his left hand (re-aggravated) in the game against Detroit last night and left the game in the first period. He is listed as day-to-day with an upper body injury. The Nashville Tennessean reports that he will be re-evaluated today so he might still play against Vancouver tomorrow
  • Tomorrow's game is at 12pm PST against Nashville


Shea Weber will not play tomorrow's game against the Canucks as per The Tennessean via On The Forechek