In short: Nothing happened

Well, I'm lying, the Canucks did acquire center Yan Stastny from the St. Louis Blues for Pierre-Cedric Labrie. PC Labrie was trending on twitter at one point, mostly because people where asking who the f-ck is PC Labrie? Well Vancouver fans, you don't need to know anymore since we've shipped him to wherever the Blues tuck away their AHL players that will never make it to the NHL. Yan Stastny is the son of Peter Stastny and his younger brother is Colorado's Paul Stastny. Yan Stasny is no Paul Stastny, that's all you need to know.

The Canucks did trade Mathieur Schneider from the Manitoba Moose to the Phoenix Coyotes for defenceman Sean Zimmerman and a 6th round conditional draft pick (2010). Gillis was correcting for the mistake of signing Schneider initially with this move, but it seems fitting for Schneider to moves to Phoenix, maybe he can scout out a retirement home there since I hear the weather's nice.

Then the Canucks acquired defenceman Andrew Alberts from the Carolina Hurricanes for a 3rd round draft pick (2010). He's 6'5" and 220 lbs and kinda like SOB, but cheaper at $800,000 this season and $1.3 million next season. I'm assuming that this will spell the end of SOB's time in Vancouver after this season.

So minor changes to the Canucks roster but nothing of what I was hoping for. With Willie Mitchell return being uncertain I was hoping for more of a solid top 4 defenceman instead what we ended up with is a 5th or 6th defenceman in Alberts and minor leaguer in Stastny. Good on Gillis for getting rid of Schneider for anything really as I hadn't even held out hope that any team would want Schneider.

All in all, it was a dissappointing day for the Canucks. If Gillis thinks we can go down the playoff stretch with this team he's out of his mind or is seeing something in Aaron Rome that clearly I am not. Of course I don't expect to build a team through trades, but fix them when long term injuries hit and I don't think Gillis did enough for the team. And one last thing, whoever compares trade deadline day to NHL Christmas is crazy, or got robbed out of a good Christmas. I'll compare July 1st (UFA day) to NHL Christamas, but trade deadline day since the cap was intruduced is a day with a lot of hype but very little substance, kind of like an overpriced new years eve event.