I love playing the Sharks. They're one of my favorite teams to watch and I even cheer for them when they aren't playing the Canucks. Tonight the Canucks are in San Jose for a little 1 game roadtrip, then they'll be back again in Vancouver to face the Phoenix Coyotes on Wednesday before going back to California for a back to back game at the beginning of Easter. Who designed this schedule?

So Luongo is starting in net. Relax Vancouver, even though Raycroft looks better in net these days, we need Luongo to be back on his game. I agree that Luongo looks exhausted and isn't seeing the puck well, but if playing more games is what it's gonna take, better now than never. Plus if he doesn't play tonight, by the time the Phoenix game rolls around he will have not played a game in a week. He did have a session with Ian Clark the goaltending consultant before practice on Friday morning.

The Sharks have ended their losing skid with wins against Minnesota and Dallas.

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Photo from Fuck Yeah Sharks