Even though the Canucks have a 5 game win streak going on, they just can't seem to catch the Avalanche, why? The Avalanche have a 6 game win streak....guh....

But here's something to cheer you up: The Flames have lost the last six! Woo!

Tomorrow night is our last game in what will seem like the next 20 years...enjoy it while you can

  • Salo is close to his return to the Canucks and it's expected that he will play in the game on Saturday against the Leafs
  • Mitchell is not close to his return and will not travel with the team on Thursday to the East. In addition to a concussion (now confirmed) he has significant back and neck injuries
  • Ryan Johnson wrote a column about his Dad when he was the guest editor at The Province, that really, you should just read. It is really worth the 5 minutes that it will take you to get through it
  • The Kurtenblog posts some pictures about the Chicago Blackhawks, it's cause quite...well it's causing a big fuss. I think it's awesome. Take some time to read the comments as they, and Versteeg's face may be the best part of the post. And yes, the Kane one looks photoshopped, but the others? Feel free to discuss...