Chicago pulled their goalie. Luongo was brilliant. The top line keeps putting up points. SOB and Baumgartner were solid. Kesler fought Ladd. Oh and the Canucks won 5-1.

Holy freakin hell.

Oh, and because I sat through looking at a greasy looking kid on After Hours, I learned that Patrick Kane thinks there are some pretty girls in Vancouver. I feel shame for the girl he hooked up with last night at the Roxy....the shame face she must have had this morning. And the hangover it took to get it.

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Save of the game:

Quote of the game (said after the game to the Team 1040):

''He's a coward and that's the way it is,'' Kesler told TEAM 1040 radio following Saturday's game.

''It started last year in the playoffs,'' Kesler said. ''He hit me (and) cross-checked me in the face when I wasn't looking.

''At least he was man enough to hit me when I was looking this time,"

And if you didn't notice, the Canucks also refused any interviews with HNIC last night:

"It was an organization's decision," said Vigneault. "Any time we feel that one of our players has not been treated fairly, as an organization we have to take a stand and we did that last night and we're moving forward."

And good on them for doing it. But MacLean and Milbury still couldn't let it go, if you watched the hot stove you know what I mean. No word yet on what will occur when the Canucks are again on HNIC next week in Toronto.

Salo and Mitchell will both not play again in the game tomorrow against Buffalo, but will both make the roadtrip unless their conditions worsen. Kuzma says that Mitchell may have a concussion, but nothing has been confirmed by the team.