Wow, the Canucks sucked. Luongo had started the last 17 games straight, maybe 18 was too much? It all started with the weird 1 game road trip in the schedule...

Please enjoy as I recap in pictures, c'mon it will be fuuuun....


First, here is Kyle Brodziak's goal on Luongo in the 1st period:


Luongo let in 2 goals on the first 2 shots in the 1st period. Fan-tastic.

The moment you held your breath:


But then you remembered to breathe when you realize he was ok.

Then it was Owen Nolan's goal in the 3rd:


Minnesota scored on the first 3 shots in the 3rd period. Gawd this game was awful.

Then Luongo getting pulled:


The moment you thought Alexandre Bolduc not just a terrible hockey player, but an idiot too:


Bolduc is 6'1" and 178. John Scott is 6'8" and 258 lbs. No question who looked like the idiot here. I felt embarrassed for you Bolduc, embarrassed.


And that was the game. We sucked, Luongo sucked, let's move on.

Holy Goligoski! The Pens are in Vancouver on Saturdaaay! We got stuff to look forwards too.