You know the Olympics are getting closer, in fact, it's only 1 month away. Do you feel the city starting to get into it?

You see it right as you get off a plane at YVR, you know all those ads in there at the airport.

You read it on the bus. Instead of saying 99 B-line, or Go Canucks Go, they now also say Countdown to Gold

You see it in the parking restrictions. Ah yes, those.

The Coke ads in the Granville skytrain platform has taught me how to say Open Happiness in french, which is 'ouvre du bonheur' fyi.

And how every single business seems to have sold itself off to somehow promo the Olympics.

All this hype in our city will only increase exponentially in the new few weeks....

But really, if you read this blog, you know the Olympics really only come down to one thing: Olympic Hockey.


So, as if I do not have enough to do writing two hockey blogs, I am contributing to the Olympic Hockey Blog. Do check it out for anything Olympic Hockey, if you are only interested in Canuck related things, I've already written a piece about our German blueliner, Christian Ehrhoff and what he brings to Team Germany.

Thoughts on last nights game that I went to against Nashville and the Burrows accusation to follow later today.