The Canucks just played game 42 against the Dallas on Saturday, which means we have just begun the second half of the season. Before we do that, I thought we should look at how the first half went, shall we?


Here are my mid-season thoughts:

Steve Bernier - Not much has changed for you this year, you still have those hands of stone. But you did get a nice haircut earlier this year, and since you are on the 3rd line, I'm not mad at your if you don't score on chances when you are parked in front of the net.

Alex Bolduc - Can't say that I even pay attention to you

Alex Burrows - I knew that you would come back into form after the Daniel Sedin returned from injury. Keep up whatever you are doing and maybe a shorthanded goal sometime soon? I miss those from you

Pavol Demitra - You've been injured all season which limits the ability for MG to trade you. How much longer? Will you even play this season?

Tanner Glass - You were a nice surprise to the Canucks roster. I had no idea who you were since you languished away in Florida for so long but it's been nice to have you here. Keep up the good work.

Jannik Hansen - I want you to be good, isn't that enough? I'm rooting for you but if you aren't better, you're gonna be squeezed out of the line-up soon.

Darcy Hordichuck - You suck. God I can't wait till we get rid of you. How did I think you were some force when you played for the Predators?

Ryan Johnson - You break your foot, and then you block another shot, and re-break your foot again. I can't imagine what your body is going to fee like in 20 years.

Ryan Kesler - You haven't scored as many goals, but I think that's due to the fact that you haven't had a great winger with you (Samuelsson, not Raymond). I still think that you should have the C, so maybe the team can give it to you after you sign a contract extension with the Canucks this year?

Mason Raymond - 17 goals, ranked 17th in the league in goals scored, squeeeee! How about 35 goals by the end of the season? I just wish they hadn't change your goal picture at GM Place, the one from last year was badass.

Rick Rypien - Another badass. You make Hordichuk expendable.

Mickael Samuelsson - You look like a weasel, then again you looked like a weasel at the beginning of the season too, so maybe that's not a mid-season thing. You're doing better than expected looking at your stats, but I would like a little more out of you, like some SCORING would be nice. Also, less penalties.

Daniel Sedin - Just keep being awesome

Henrik Sedin - You are ranked 2nd in points and 3rd in assists. That sh-t is sexy.

Kyle Wellwood - You've embraced the checking role, which I never thought you could. Though, some goals? Because seriously if you don't score, you might want to look in to learning German or something for where you're gonna be playing next year.

Kevin Bieksa - Laceration to the leg, that just sucks. I was going to harp on about  taking O'Brien's residency in AV's doghouse, but it's seems a bit mean right now that you're injured. But you made stupid plays during the last couple of weeks so let's work on that when you get back. I know that it will take time to heal from this one, but let's make it quick ok? The team needs your smirking abilities.

Alex Edler - Another defenseman making dumb plays, not to the extent of Bieksa dumb, but you have made some terrible plays this season. You also need to shoot the puck seriously every time you get the puck on the powerplay, such a waste of a big shot if you don't use it. You aren't on the pp to pass the puck.

Christian Ehrhoff - I cannot count the way how much I love you on my team. So much improvement from when you were on the Sharks last year. You are leading the league right now in plus-minus at +19 and to think that we got you for a bag of pucks and cap space.

Willie Mitchell - Can you please work on a contract with the Canucks? I know we aren't supposed to talk about this until the off season....

Shane O'Brien - You are now playing like the player we wanted you to be. You aren't looking for fights (besides the St. Louis game, you didn't take a penalty in like forever) but are now using your size when the need arises. And the little plays you are making...and you're goal! I'm gushing, I'll stop now.

Aaron Rome - Meh

Sami Salo - I don't want to jinx anything, but you've been pretty healthy huh? Let's keep that up, and maybe bring the big point shot of yours out a little more often? Unless that will break your ribs, because if that's the case, then I understand.

Roberto Luongo - Playing well, keep that up, but let's stick handle a little less. I'm scared every time you head behind your net to get the puck.

Andrew Raycroft - Is it getting a little boring sitting on the bench? Look sharp, you might get some ice time on back to back home/away game we have coming up in 2 weeks. And you've been talked about recently, but only for that deal that trade of you in exchange for Tuukka Rask to Boston...CTV called that a "future-destroying" deal for the Leafs