After not playing hockey for 9 months, Pavol Demitra is expected to make his return to the Canucks line-up. He attributes his recovery to the physiotherapist from the Slovak national soccer team that he flew from Slovakia to Vancouver.

"He's unbelievable. I don't know, but it seems like he has magic in his hands," Demitra said. "He's amazing. Every time he sticks a needle in my shoulder I feel relief. It just feels good." -The Province

Um, if you say so. I don't know how good it feels to have needles stuck in your shoulder, but if he has magic hands, well then ok! These hands were so magic that Demitra flew to Slovakia to be treated by Pavel Purdek for two weeks in December. He liked him so much that he flew Purdek to Vancouver for 8 days, and according to The Province, Demitra paid for it himself! Gee, you might think "that's awfully sweet of him, paying for his own treatment"....but then again he has been getting paid $4 million dollars to recover, I'm sure 8 days of some physio's expenses were not that bad.

Purdek also relied on cupping during his eight-day stay in Vancouver. It's a traditional Chinese technique in which rounded glass cups are warmed and applied to an individuals bare skin to treat local problems and blood stagnation. The procedure left Demitra with bruises during Purdek's eight-day stay. -The Province

Cupping? Could they have not come up with a more professional name for this technique?

H. Sedin: "Hey Demo, what did you do today?"
Demitra: "I spent some quality time with my massage therapist..and he cupped me"
H. Sedin: "Ok, dude, I just asked you what you did, but that there was TMI..."

"You can see, I still have bruises everywhere," Demitra said. "All on back, my legs and of course on my shoulder. The Province

I don't know about the whole cupping thing, but hey if those hands can get an injured winger back playing for the Canucks, then I think I could buy into that whole magic hands thing.

Demitra expected to play against the Pens on Saturday